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Piscinas Naturais, Porto Moniz, Madeira

Piscinas Naturais, Porto Moniz

Frente de Mar de Porto Moniz, Madeira

A swimming pool at the edge of the sea filled by the tide and surrounded by magnificent lava rock formations. To the right, murkier grotto-esque pools where we we encountered deep sea divers submerged in the shadows of the rocks. To the left, a vast clear bathing space where the pool is swallowed up by the sea as waves crash over the sides, pummeling fellow swimmers. Not for the faint-hearted bather, a brisk dip on the less sunny side of the island.

Poppy & Alice

July/August 2016

Smoked & Uncut Mini Festival

We were so excited to be invited to pop up at Smoked & Uncut’s Mini Festival at The Pig Hotel in the New Forest in September! It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day, and our tent was perfectly positioned so we could enjoy all the acts too! Hello Harriet’s cat tattoos were a big seller, alongside summer dresses as the weather was so unexpectedly hot lots of ladies needed emergency outfits! It was a glorious day in a glorious setting and we can’t wait to do the whole Smoked & Uncut festival season over summer 2016. You can find pictures from the day here.