Zine Submissions Wanted

kolymbáo – κολυμπάω – i swim

K&K love swimming. Early morning lengths at our local pool are a meditative practice, the daily repetition to and fro focuses the mind and energises the body. Travelling abroad we source the local pool, each one seems to reflect in its protocols something of the culture it is within and the people who use it. Holidays are spent wild swimming, connecting with nature, serene lakes and impetuous waterfalls liberate the soul like little else. However, there is also a harsher reality of the sea. Tamsin Koumis has been volunteering at Dunkirk refugee camp for the past 6 months and has set up Dunkirk Legal Support Team. Most of the refugees she has worked with have had to cross oceans to get to where they are now: caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. This body of water is both a deathtrap and a lifeline. 

We are creating a zine for our Xmas Pop Up Shop called ‘κολυμπάω’ or ‘kolymbáo’ which means ‘I Swim’ in greek. A nod to our greek roots and the migrant crisis with it’s particular intensity in Greece for those seeking its shores. The profits raised will be donated to the Dunkirk Legal Support Team. 

This is an opportunity to explore ideas of swimming and of water: as a healing force and as a lifesaving tool. Please send us your stories, words, images, illustrations and poems on this theme to koumisandkettle@gmail.com.

Deadline for submission is Friday 7th October.