Titian Weavers, Lombok

Titian is a brand used to represent three women weaver groups in East Lombok. Due to the economic situation in East Lombok, many of the men are forced to leave the country to find work. The wives are left behind and become the primary income earners. They rely on weaving to support themselves and their families. Titian Art Shop is therefore crucial to help these women promote and sell their weaving products. By purchasing their products, you are helping these communities and supporting female business enterprises in East Lombok.

Weaving is a traditional practice of the Sasak people, the indigenous people of Lombok. Weaving is not only a means of financial support, but of keeping local traditions alive. The weavings made by these women are very time intensive to produce. One product will generally take between 1 to 3 weeks.

The communities represented by Titian are one of the few in Lombok that practice natural dying of textiles. Natural dye is environmentally friendly and reduces the women’s exposure to harmful chemicals. The knowledge of natural dyes has been passed down from generation from generation. For example, the green natural dye is made from the leaves of the mango tree. The leaves are collected from the tree and cut into smaller pieces. The leaves are placed in a pot of boiling water and left to simmer.

We are selling a selection of Titian shawls from our Etsy shop.